When is Mothers Day 2018

The Day which is dedicated to each and every Mother has arrived for which most of the people were waiting i.e Mothers Day 2016. The day was widely celebrated in United States of America and now celebrated all over the World including India. In US this day is declared as a National holiday as this day is dedicated to all the mothers in the World and Mothers are honored on this Day. The second meaning of the word Mothers is God, God cannot be present everywhere to take care of his Kids so he created Mother, as she looks after her kids every now and then, helps his kids to solve every problem in life and overcome difficulties of life. Mothers Day is observed on the 2nd Sunday of the month May. Now as the mothers day is approaching most of the people will be now in search of Happy Mothers Day Quotes 2016. So here we are going to serve you with each and every detail and required ideas of Mothers Day and ways to surprise your Mother on Mothers Day. You can gift your Mother a recipe Book, Ornaments, Jewelry, Greeting Cards and many more

Mothers Day History

The origination of the Mothers Day was in United States in 19th Century, this day was started by the Women’s Peace Group, this was an organization in which these Women’s Sons where the part of American Civil War and lost their lives on the opposite side in the American Civil War, and these womens used to gather in groups. Anna Jarvis was a Mother, who took a step forwards and reunite the families those who were separated during the Civil War, this was called as “Mothers Friendship Day”. So this is how the Mothers Day was started and this tradition was later on followed by the Americans and later on followed by rest of the World.

When is Mothers Day ?

As the date of Mothers day isn’t fixed, Mothers Day occurs on the 2nd Sunday of May. In United Kingdom mothers day is celebrated in March. Now most of the kids will be desperate for this day as on this day most of the kids will be finding different ways to surprise their Mothers. As she is the one who took care of him/her right from the birth till the time he/she is independent. Mother is the one who always wanted the best for her kids no matter what, she will always Love unconditionally to her kids, this is the reason she is also called as God. So this was all about When is Mothers Day Date and When is Mothers Day 2016, for more updates of this day you can visit us again and don’t forget to share this article by clicking on the social buttons below. Spread the word of the most remarkable day and make it memorable for your Mother.


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